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Pleasure Positive Sex and Relationships (Re-)Education


Hello! I’m Marlena (pronounced Mar-lay-na) and welcome to WeNudeToTalk! A platform that exists to answer your questions about sex, relationships, bodies and pleasure in as shame-free and as safe a way as possible.

You can send me your questions in the Talk To Me contact box, or you can read through my previous answers and content in the Let’s Talk About… blog section!


There is SO much information out there about how sex - and everything related to it - ‘should’ be. All of which can make us feel like we’re doing ‘it’ wrong when, spoiler alert, there is no one right way to have sex, be in a relationship, or exist in your body! 


I want to unpack the misconceptions and myths that surround these ‘taboo’ topics and believe the most effective way to normalise consensual sex and pleasure is by talking about it with everyone and anyone who will listen! 




If you are interested in working together or have any press or media related enquires please contact me using the form below!

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If you have a Sex Ed question you’d like me to answer, head to my Let’s Talk page and send it there!

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