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I am committed to ensuring all my platforms are as safe for those visiting it as possible. With this in mind I acknowledge that I will not always get things right and no space (whether online or in person) can ever be 100% safe. If there is anything you feel I am doing wrong or could do better, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Creating a Safer Space also mean protecting my own wellbeing and maintaining my boundaries therefore;


I aim to work within a ‘slow social media’ mindset, and this includes my website. All work I publish here and on other platforms is created in my spare time alongside my full time job, part time studies and the rest of my life. For my own wellbeing I do not have regular posting times or a set number of content pieces I publish or post each week or month but rather work within my capacity, which fluctuates.


For this reason, I maintain the right to not respond to any and all queries/questions sent my way, particularly if they are personally abusive and/or harrassing, or more generally sex shaming, misogynistic, racist, transphobic, ableist, fatphobic, classist etc.


I maintain the right to delete comments on my website or other platforms (Tik Tok, Instagram etc) that fall into any of the above mentioned forms of abuse or harassment (whether personal or externally directed)


I maintain the right to report and/or block anyone who contacts me (via my website or other platform) with abusive or harassing content.


Do not send me explicit images or content without my express permission in advance.


While I aim to answer all your questions you may have about sex, pleasure and bodies in a public format, via blog post, social media content or otherwise, please know I may be unable to do so due to personal and professional obligations, or if I feel I have already answered a question similar to yours, in which case I will share this with you.


I do not currently have services to offer private 1 to 1 advice so please do not message me with questions unless you are happy to have the answers shared on my public platforms.


I will keep all your information confidential and only post your question as part of my answer.


I do not guarantee my public content will be the answer you were hoping for. You are welcome to submit further questions however I cannot guarantee I will be able to provide the advice you need.

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